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Dear All,

A 30-day nationwide protest by farmers in Poland begins on February 09, which may affect the delivery of planned supplies. 

The delivery time due to the protests may be extended. Given that the situation is beyond ARGIP's control, we count on your understanding.

We apologize for the difficulties .

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We are a modern, dynamically developing company - a leading fastener supplier in Poland. Our company was established in 1992, and since then has constantly been working on expanding the product range, as well as modernizing its operation and customer service.
Quick and easy order handling is facilitated by the modern warehouse, with the capacity of more than 31.000 pallet places, and reliable delivery systems.
We work only with the best manufacturers, each in-coming shipment being thoroughly checked by our Quality Control Department.

Our commitment to quality makes us an excellent partner for the most demanding customers.
We create long lasting partner relations, based on trust and good mutual cooperation, with both our customers and suppliers.

Price changes

  1. Metal frame expansion anchor double extend AN 231 (app. -11%)
  2. Fork joints; yokes DIN 71752 G (app. -7%)
  3. Magnetic bit holder AN 74 (app. -26%)
  4. Hex flange bolt DIN 6921 (app. -9%)

ISO 9001



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