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1. The range of conditions validity.

These  sale terms and conditions apply to all sale contracts. The Buyer accepts the mentioned  below conditions of sale without any exceptions.

2. Prices

The price depends on the amount of the purchased goods and the individual Buyer’s  discount.
Prices do not include VAT. Only complete packaging units are subject to sale.

3. Shipment

Fasteners are sold in standard Argip packaging units. The packing cost is included in the price of  the goods. The ordered items, quantity, date of delivery are to be agreed on the basis of a written order  confirmed  by the Buyer . The execution of the order in parts is allowed. The Buyer  is charged with a part of the  delivery costs,  which are invoiced together with the goods.

4. Orders

According to the ISO procedures a contract must be made in written form (fax, e-mail, webshop).  In exceptional cases,  placing orders by phone is allowed, but the FULL responsibility for any resulting errors is on the Buyer.

5. Discrepancy report

The Buyer has got the right to make a claim if there is any defect in the quality or condition of the goods. If the claim is accepted by Argip, the defective or missing goods will be replaced, in exceptional cases a credit note will be issued. Argip is not responsible for direct or indirect damage, which occurred due to the action or negligence of the Buyer,  and  for the improper use of the supplied products. FULL responsibility for a transport service and the quality of the delivered shipment is on the transport company.  Therefore, any delay or defect considering the delivery must be strictly noted on the waybill in a presence of  a forwarder. Lack of such notification means that shipment is considered as checked and consistent with shipping documents. In the case there are any shortage of the goods in the shipment due to  any physical damage of the delivered goods,  a formal complaint must be made on a form delivered by a forwarder  within 5 days from the date of delivery.  Buyer is not allowed to make any deductions in payment, unless agreed with Argip in writing or a Buyer’s claim has been accepted by Argip.

6. Emergency shipment

In the emergency situations there is a possibility to provide packing and shipment service to orders placed after 11:00 p.m. This involves additional costs of 10% of ordered goods’ value, but no less than 10€. Such service is available up to 15:00 p.m., but every such order has to be first agreed on  (based on the current forwarding service availability) and then finally confirmed by Argip.

7. Payment conditions.

Every 6 months Argip makes an assessment of  cooperation with a customer. As a result, individual customer discounts and  the amount of trade credit are determined. The basic payment method is cash and credit card payment. In case of a good long-term cooperation, it is allowed to pay by bank transfer.  Payments transferred to Argip for the delivered products are always first to cover  the oldest debt. In case of a delayed payment settlement,  Argip is allowed to suspend any further deliveries until the due amount is settled in full.  Argip also reserves the right to change the Buyer’s method of payment to advance payment . For nonstandard parts  payment in advance is always required. Refusal of picking up the ordered nonstandard goods is equivalent to the loss of prepayment.

8. Return of the goods

Argip reserves the right to refuse to take back the goods, which have been sold on the basis of a sales contract accepted by the Buyer . Occasional goods return or replacement of products would be accepted, only if the goods  are in original Argip packaging units and were properly stored. Return conditions must be each time accepted and agreed on in advance by the Seller.

The Buyer shall have a net value of the goods minus  handling cost (up to 40%) returned into his account. NO goods return or exchange is possible  for non-standard products or drawing parts ordered by the Buyer. 

Less than 100 PLN net worth is not refundable.

9. For the issues not regulated by the conditions above, the Civil Code regulations apply. 

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